Monday, January 28, 2013

Recruitment Ads : The Boss Factor

Most recruitment advertisements trumpet the basic incentives - salary, perks, facilities, etc but I have yet to see a hiring notice that takes into account the NUMBER ONE reason why employees quit. Shouldn't it be logical that if I desire to hire for loyalty that I also find out what is the main cause for disloyalty and have this consideration as upfront as possible in the hiring process?

Here's the ONE major insertion in your next recruitment ad that will make all the difference :
"This job will place you in relationship with a boss/supervisor who cares for you as a person, recognize your efforts and spend regular time discussing your growth and prospects in the company. He will not outsource your growth to the HR department as he believes in personally coaching all his direct reports".

Employees do not leave companies, they leave managers. If that is true, then the NUMBER ONE attraction factor for people to join the company is also the quality of the hiring manager. So, why not flaunt it?

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