Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How is Your Face Value?

It is interesting to note that when we clothe, we cover most parts of our body but not the face. Why is this so? I believe, my face displays a certain countenance which reflects the inner state of my heart. Many desire to project the right image of themselves by focusing on fashion, cosmetic and physical appearance but miss out on the all-vital ingredient of their countenance which is the story of the heart written on the expression of the face.

Instead of spending time (and money) dressing up too much, I would recommend that we take time to focus on improving the countenance of our face rather than the "cosmetic" of our face. Beyond just smiling more often, getting to the root cause of a cheerful heart involves the following :

  1. My relationship with the Creator of my heart. Without a strong spiritual center, there is really little to shine on my face. If I am not at peace with God, then the stress will eventually show on my face.
  2. My relationship with my life partner. The most stable of all human relationship is that between the husband and the wife (till death do us part...). Now if the state of this relationship is under duress, then it will also show on my face.
  3. My relationship with my boss/supervisor/authority figure. British scientist George Fieldman claims that boss-induced hypertension could increase the risk of stroke by one-third! Obviously, there are a lot of sour-looking faces on the streets today that are caused by a sour relationship with the boss.
So, if you do not want to "lose face", take care of the three vital relationships in your life as stated above. Then your face will really shine!

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