Sunday, December 30, 2012

Today is a Good Day to Die

What do you say to yourself when you wake up every morning? Sioux leader Crazy Horse was quoted as saying to his warriors - "Today is a good day to die!" - he expected his warriors to live a life full of passion and fighting for the right cause - they will not blink an eyelid in the face of death because they would have lived their life in the fullest possible way for the best possible cause.

In other words, there is no regrets.

It seemed like a paradox - it is only when I am prepared to die then I am prepared to really live. Why is this so? There are three reasons :
  1. If I am prepared to die, it means I have figured out my life purpose and the cause I am fighting for. The saying is true - if I have nothing worth dying for, then I have nothing worth living for.
  2. If I am prepared to die, it means that I have made peace on a daily basis with people who matter to me and I will be quick to seek forgiveness, get rid of all bitterness to ensure that I walk with a clear conscience.
  3. If I am prepared to die, it means that I have been living my life according to truth-based principles which do not waver with the shifting opinions of the majority. I have spent time to figure out what is right from what is wrong and am willing to stand alone for what I believe in.
There you have it - the three "P"s of what it takes for you to look in the mirror every morning and say - "Today is a good day to die". Purpose. Peace. Principle.

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