Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Responsibility before Reward

In most interview situations, there is inevitably the question of - "How much do I get?" As an interviewer, if I hear the issue of reward being mentioned before scope of responsibility, then I will be extra careful in hiring the individual. Reward is the by-product of responsibility and if reward is kept at the forefront of one's action, then greed and selfish ambition overtakes expression of good character.

RESPONSIBILITY is defined as knowing and doing what is expected of me.
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A RESPONSIBLE person can be counted upon not only to complete a task but also to own up should there be a mistake and be accountable to take any necessary action to address the gaps.

One characteristic of an unreliable person is the inability to keep commitments. A RESPONSIBLE person is not concern with the "prestige" of the job as much as the diligence needed to successfully complete the task. That is why a RESPONSIBLE person is creating for himself or herself future opportunities for success. If the current task is done well, then people can trust us for subsequent assignments.

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