Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Significance of Seasons

At the start of this new year, there may be a tendency of rushing head long into crafting a set of motivating goals. Although coming up with such a list helps, it may lack the deep roots of what it takes to gain traction and momentum.

It is not just about being fruitful but to be fruitful in the right season. I may have a list of right things to do but if it is executed in the wrong season, the returns and depth will leave much to be desired. The picture of being fruitful comes into play - just as I ought to be wise in sowing and reaping in the right season, so it shall be with my goal setting process as well.

Here are a few "seasonal" questions to reflect on even before you set your goals for this year :

  1. My life season - What are my legacy priorities? In anticipation of my days ahead, what is truly important? I cannot afford to be involved with everything that comes my way because the factor of significance becomes more important than material success.
  2. My skills season - What stage of growth and personal development am I in? Instead of taking on something completely new, why not develop myself in an extended area based on what I am already good at? For example, if I have been working on my training skills, why not consider extending that to incorporate coaching skills as well?
  3. My influence season - Who are those under my direct supervision and guidance? Sometimes my goals can be so lofty i.e. "I-want-to-change-the-world-but-I-don't-know-my-neighbor's-name". The most obvious example is my season of parenting - growing teenagers require a different set of parenting approach compared with gnawing toddlers. 

 So, reflect upon your life, skills and influence seasons as foundational considerations before writing down your checklist of goals. In that way, you will gain traction (and not tiredness) when the rubber meets the road.

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